About CJ Braun Cycles

Since I was a kid I am fascinated by bicycles and bicycle technology - I was already working as a bike mechanic during high school. After graduating as a mechanical engineer I worked in a start-up company for composite materials and technologies, looking for solutions to efficiently manufacture high-performance products in high numbers. However, in cycling technology, I was fascinated by the opposite: individual, customized products being built by hand.

For a long time I wanted to build my own frame, so I participated in a frame building course in 2009 and brazed my first frame. After visiting several small framebuilders in Portland, OR, I knew that there is not much infrastructure needed in order to produce high-quality frames, so I started building a few frames. Doing a post-graduate education at the moment, I have some more time on my hands to dedicate myself to framebuilding and I am looking forward to new, exciting challenges.